Wedding Ceremony Decorations That You Can’t Miss

Your wedding ceremony is an important and memorable part of your life together, so you must spend the time picking out wedding ceremony decorations. Starting from the beautiful aisle and moving up to the altar, wedding ceremony decorations are a key component of setting the correct tone for your wedding day. At David’s wedding supply store, you’ll find an extensive range of beautiful wedding ceremony accessories to suit your bridal style, from pieces that give a vintage, romantic, enchanting, regal or traditional feel to ones that offer a more modern feel. No matter what kind of vibe you’re looking for, you will certainly find a great selection to suit your tastes and budget at David’s wedding supplies store.


Another way to add a unique touch is to use wedding lanterns. These decorative items are not only beautiful to look at but also functional. You can use them as wedding centrepiece decorations by adding them to a reception area, a garden or even the wedding arch. Available in a large assortment of styles and designs, from classic Victorian lanterns to contemporary lanterns, wedding lanterns make an attractive accent piece. You can choose from a simple wedding lantern or one that features an elaborate design.

Another great idea for wedding lanterns is to decorate them with petals. A simple way of doing this is to arrange the petals at the base of each lantern. To decorate the bases of the lanterns, use ribbon, lace or cord to tie the petals down and then string them to create an arch. To decorate individual lanterns, you can tie petals to a ribbon and hang it off of the lantern or use a hook and loop method to hang it from the ceiling. The type of decoration you choose to use with these decorative elements depends on your personal preference. Some people may prefer a more elaborate display, while others may prefer something more subtle.

One of the most popular types of wedding ceremony decorations is to use lanterns on the ends of the aisle and throughout the ceremony area. You can either purchase pre-made lanterns that have the handle already attached, or you can have them custom made. There are two things to keep in mind when purchasing pre-made lanterns. First, you should consider the size of your wedding venue and the size of the lanterns you would like to hang. Second, you should purchase lanterns that come with the correct number of points (the number of feet they are tall).

Flower Decorations

If you have several different types of petals that need to be arranged, you can simply start at one end of the aisle and work your way back to the other end. A variation on this idea is to decorate the entire aisle with petals. Use ribbon or lace to tie the petals to each bridesmaid dress, then arrange them as you see fit. If you are having a bride and groom that are very young, you can consider using small baby tiaras and feather Boas instead of petals. This will not only add an elegant touch to the decorations but will be a practical way for the young guests to carry home some of the wedding jewellery that they have brought.

wedding ceremony decorations

Flower decorations come in many styles, shapes and colours. The size of the container you choose will depend upon how many flowers you want to use. For instance, if you are having a large wedding day, consider using a large flower arrangement in a glass vase. However, if you are having a small wedding day, consider choosing smaller flower arrangements that are placed in clear glass containers.

Another option for wedding decor is to decorate with plants. Whether you use potted plants, artificial plants, or live ones, you should plan on spending a good amount of time deciding how you will best decorate the space. For example, some couples may choose to place potted plants along the aisle and side of the church and then place an abstract or decorative plant on the top of the potted plants. Others will use live plants in a clear glass bowl on the end of each of the funded aisle candles.


Finally, one other option for wedding ceremony decor to add to your ceremony space is to use fabric. There are many different types of fabric available and you must consider what type of mood you want to create before you make a purchase. Some fabric choices for your ceremony include velour, satin, chiffon, and crepe paper. For your reception, you will want to look into fabric choices for tablecloths and placemats. Wedding supplies stores typically have a nice section devoted to fabric, which will help you choose the right colours and textures to accent your big day.

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